Math 4541 AU & AG: Dynamics & Bifurcations I,  fall 2020


  • 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm MW

Classroom: Bluejeans and Skiles 168 (see below)



Office hours: 10:30 --11:45 MW (Bluejeans)

 Final exam (According to GT exam calendar, see below):

  • Dec 7 (Mon.), 11:20am -- 2:10pm


Instructor: Chongchun Zeng

Prerequisites: (MATH 2403 or MATH 2413 or MATH 24X3 or MATH 2552 or MATH 2562 or MATH 2X52) and (MATH 1522 or MATH 1553 or MATH 1554 or MATH 1564 or MATH 1502 or MATH 1512)

Overview: This course is a broad introduction to the local and global behavior of nonlinear dynamical systems arising from ordinary differential equations and maps. We start with one dimensional systems and then move to higher dimensional ones. In the latter case, linear systems are discussed in details as they play a crucial role in the study of nonlinear systems. We also focus on fundamental structures such as equilibria and their bifurcations.

Course Modality Information: The course is delivered in hybrid "touch point" mode synchronously.

Textbook: Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems & An Introduction to Chaos, 3rd ed. by Morris Hirsch, Stephen Smale & Robert Devaney.

Material: In this semester, we will discuss topics (roughly Chapter 1--8 of the textbook) among:

Only the simplest scientific calculators are allowed. In particular, graphic calculators are not allowed.

Grades:  1 final exam 50%, 1 midterm 26%, 6 homework assignments 4% each.

          When needed, a curve may be applied to adjust the letter grades upward.                                                              

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Homework assignments:

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