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Seminar 234

Seminar 234 is an informal weekly seminar. In Spring 2020 it is held 1-2:00 pm on Wednesdays in Skiles 234.

The current format is that we decide on a paper the previous week, the members look over the paper, and we then have an informal discussion. Usually, there is no lecture.

Recently discussed papers include:

  • Right-angled Artin groups as normal subgroups of mapping class groups, by Clay, Mangahas, and Margalit
  • Vanishing of the Euler class in Power subgroups of the punctured mapping class group, by Chen
  • The congruence subgroup problem for pure braid groups: Thurston’s proof, by McReynolds
  • Automorphisms of the loop and arc graph of an infinite-type surface, by Schafer-Cohen

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