My name is Daniel Minahan and I am a grad student in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech . I am interested in geometric group theory, algebraic geometry and low dimensional topology. My advisor is Dan Margalit.

My cv can be found here.


Fall 2018: Math 1552
Spring 2019: Math 1553
Fall 2019: Math 1554
Spring 2020: Math 1552


All lines on a cubic surface in terms of three skew lines
  with Stephen Mckean and Tianyi Zhang (Submitted)

Derandomized Identity testing of certain families of polynomial circuits
  with Ilya Volkovich (in ECCC 2017)

Building Intuition

Grothendieck believed that objects should be understood by looking at morphisms to and from that object. In accordance with that philosophy, here are some of my friends.

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