Professor Wilfrid Gangbo

Wilfrid Gangbo
Ph.D. 1992, EPFL-Switzerland

Professor of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0160
Tel:    (404)894-7055
FAX:  (404)894-4409

Research Interests:

Calculus of Variations; Nonlinear Analysis; Partial Differential Equations; Kinetic Theory; Functional Analysis; Fluid Mechanics

Research Interests:

First Book by Cedric Villani on Mass Transport

Grants and NSF Sponsored Works:

NSF Sponsored Works
Focused Research Group \# 1
Focused Research Group \# 2
Personal NSF Grants

Selected Publications:


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Extra Activities:

Founder of "EcoAfrica," association of scientists involved in several projects in support of African countries. EcoAfrica was founded in 1990 in Switzerland and currently has six members. In the past years, EcoAfrica received funds mostly from Swiss institutions such as DDA, a Swiss Goverment Agency. Among other things, EcoAfrica has organized several workshops in Applied Mathematics in Senegal and intends to do the same in other countries in Africa.

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