Welcome to Challenge 1998

Welcome to Challenge 1998


This course is an introduction mathematics at Georgia Tech. The emphasis will be on notation and terminology. While proofs will not be emphasized, concepts and proper mathematical notation will be important.

The prerequisite for this course is high school algebra and geometry. Trigonometry will be briefly reviewed.

The text for this course is Calculus by Stanley Grossman. We will be using the fifth edition. We will cover most of Chapters 0, 1 and 2.

Grading and Tests

We will have four 30 minute quizes (closed book, closed notes) during our four week term.

Instructional Technique

Your participation in the class is very important. You and I are working as a team to help you learn this material. Questions that help you clarify concepts, help the whole class. When you ask questions, you should address me but speak to the whole class. Make sure that all class members can hear you. Your question is important and helpful to all, especially me.

Of equal importance with class participation is homework problems. I will assign many problems from the book. I encourage you to work these problems with others. Homework is not a test. I will help you work problems and you may get help from anyone and everyone. With this help you can and should work the problems.

Tentative Schedule
Aug. 100.1, 0.2, 0.30.1-23,34,37,39,40; 0.2-6,11,12,14,17;
Aug. 120.4, 0.50.4-7,19,23,26,39,43,49,52,59,68;
Aug. 141.1, 1.2 1.2-5,6,8,23,28,29,35,38,43,48
Aug. 17Faset
Aug. 191.3, 1.4 1.3-6,9,12,23; 1.4-6,9,15,21,22
Aug. 211.5, 1.6 1.5-4,9,12,22,24,39; 1.6-4,5,10,12
Aug. 241.6, 1.7 1.7-5,6,9,21,24,29,37; Review-6,11,19,20,31
Aug. 262.1, 2.2 2.1-5,8,16,19,23,26; 2.2-4,9,10,18,29,33
Aug. 282.3 2.3-7,10,14,20,23,33,34,39,45,48
Aug. 312.4 2.4-6,7,9,10,18,19,20,24
Sept. 22.5 2.5-5,9,14,17,22,27,28,33,34
Sept. 4Review Review-5,9,20,29