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Hamed Mousavi


I am a graduate student at math department of Georgi Tech. My area of study is analytic number theory, in particular partitions, zeroes of Riemann zeta functions, and smooth numbers. My advisor is Ernie Croot. Before I come here, I was an M.Sc student at Sabanci university. You can see my CV here. If you would like to know further about my work then feel free to email me.


Georgia Tech. PhD. 2017-

Major: Mathematics, Analytic Number Theory

Advisor: Ernie Croot

Sabanci University. M.Sc. 2016-2017.

Major: Mathematics, Theory of Partitions

Advisor: Kagan Kursungoz

Shiraz Unicersity of Technology. M.Sc. 2013-2015.

Major: Communications Engineerings, Wireless Sensor Networks.

Advisor: Javad Haghighat

Shiraz University. B.Sc. 2008-2013.

Major: Pure Mathematics.


I am interested in analytic number theory. In particular, I am studying zeroes of Riemann zeta function, its relation with Randome matrices. I also investigate distribution of primes, like prime gaps, smooth numbers, etc. One of the main tool that has been involved in my research is theory of partitions. I used to do research in algebraic coding theory, cryptography, and wireless sensor networks. Here is my Google scolar profile.

Publications and Preprints

Journal Papers

"Factorization Theorems for Relatively Prime Divisor Sums, GCD Sums and Generalized Ramanujan Sums", Submittd to The Ramanujan Journal, with M. Schmidt. arxiv link

"The ascending chain condition for principal left or right ideals of skew generalized power series rings" Submitted to Algebra Colloquium, With A. Qureshi and F. Padashnik. arxiv link

Dastbasteh, R. Mousavi, H. Abualrub, T. Haghighat, J. "Characterization of the Skew cyclic codes over Fp + uFp". International Journal of Information and Coding Theory. here

Mousavi, H. Moussavi, A. Rahimi, S. "Skew cyclic codes over Fp +vFp +v2Fp". Bulletin of Korean Mathematics. here

Mohammadi, R. Rahimi, S. Mousavi, H. " On Skew Cyclic Codes over a finite Ring". Iranian Journal of Mathematical Science and Informatic. here

Mousavi, H. Ahmadi, B. Rahimi, S. (2016). "A New Approach to decrease the Computational complexity of E-voting protocols". Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. here

Mousavi, H. Haghighat, J. Hamuda, W. DastBaste, R. "Analysis of a Subset Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in Time-Varying Fading Channels". IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing. here

Conference papers

Mousavi ,H. Haghighat, J. Hamuda, W. "A Relay Subset Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Channel State Information". IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2016). Malysia. here

Mousavi ,H. Haghighat, J. Eslami, M. "A Relay Subset Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks for almost Quasi-static channels." second Iranian Conference on Communications Engineering (ICCE 2016). Shiraz. Iran.

Farahmandnejad, M. Mousavi, H. Salehi Nowbandegani, P. Faridi, P. "Study the logical philosophical conformity of Iranian traditional medicine and their treatments". 14th Iranian Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress. 2015. Tehran, Iran.

Workshops and Selected Talks

Selected Talks

Pentagonal Number Theorem and Zeroes of Riemann Zeta Function, The Legacy of Ramanujan and in honor of Bruce Berndt's 80th birthday, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Illinois, US. june 2019. Slides

A Homomorphic E-Voting Protocol Based on El-Gamel Cryptosystem, Women In STEM Conference, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, US. April 2019. Slides

Three circle Theorem and Moments of Riemann Zeta Functions, Georgia Tech, US. April 2019. Slides

Number of Partitions with Parts of the Form pt + a, Integers Conference, Augusta, Georgia, US. October 2018. Slides

Skew Cyclic Codes. Sabanci University. Turkey. May 2017.

What is Weil Conjecture? Georgia Tech. US. December 2017. Slides

Some famous conjectures on the density of prime numbers in polynomials with degree more than one. Shiraz university. Iran. June 2013.

Topology of Numbers. Mathematics workshop concurrent with the week of mathematics in Iran. Shiraz university. Iran. November 2011

Participated Conferences or Workshops

Confernce in honor of George Andrew's 80th birthday, Penn State, US. June 2018 Link of conference website

Spring School on Analytic Number Theory, IPM, Tehran, Iran (2016). Link of workshop website

Langlands Correspondence, Speaker: Dr. Sophie Morel, IPM, Tehran, Iran 2016 . here

Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory, Sharif university of Technology, Iran. 2014 Slides

Co leader of mathematics team of Shiraz university in 38th math competition in Iran, Kerman, Iran. 2014.


Teacing Assistant

  • Differential Equations, Summer 2019, Spring 2019, Summer 2018, Spring 2018.
  • Discrete Mathematics, Spring 2017.
  • Linear Algebra, Fall 2018, Fall 2016.
  • Commutative Algebra , Spring 2016.
  • Advanced Algebra, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013.
  • Mathematics Analysis III, Spring 2014.
  • Mathematics for Engineering, Fall 2013.
  • Algebra II, Spring 2011.
  • Elementary Analysis, Fall 2010.
  • Number theory, Fall 2010.

Other teachings

  • Calculus Preprations for Statistic M.Sc. entrance exam. 2013.
  • Number Theory for IMO. 2008-2015
Selected Awards and Memberships

Top 3 STEM graduate student researchers in Sabanci University Gursel Award 2016-2017.

Gold Medal in 36th Iranian Mathematics Competitions for university students 2012.

National Elite Foundation of Iran educational prize 2014,2015.

Member of scientific committee in 40th Iranian Mathematics competition for university student 2016.

Member of National team of Iran in 18th Local Mathematic Olympiad for University Students. (won a silver medal) Iran. 2013


I am a huge fan of reading manga. My top 6 list is

wuxia series

I love the wuxia stories by Jin Yong. My favorite versions are Demigod-semievil (2009), Legend of Condor Heores (2001), Return of Condor heores (2006), heavenly sword dragon sabor (2019).


I cannot put all my favorite ones in this tiny place! So I put a few nice pieces. Enjoy!

  • Bebar ey baroon bebar
  • Aint no sunshine
  • Z
  • Spanish train
  • Flower of Carnage
  • Football

    I love Iran national team. I am a fan of Arsenal club since 2001. My favorite player is Tiery Henry. What I hate the most in footbal is injection of money without control. I hate and respect Mancehster United, but I do not have any respect for Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Chelsea, etc.

    Here is a photo of my dad's birth place, Zirrah river .
    Available on request