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Spring '19-Fall '19, Fall '21: Math 1554 (Linear Algebra, Teaching Assistantship)

Spring '18-Fall '18: Math 2603 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, Teaching Assistantship)

Spring '18-Fall '18: Math 3012 (Applied Combinatorics, Lecture Assistantship)

Fall '17: Math 1711 (Finite Mathematics, Teaching Assistantship)

Research Interests

My interests lie in discrete math, combinatorial optimization, and fairness. Recently, my focus has been on hiring with biased evaluations and pricing. My advisor is Swati Gupta.

Paper on online selection in the presence of bias: Closing the GAP

About Me

I am a fifth-year graduate student in Georgia Tech's Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization PhD program.

Here is my CV.


I'm currently a mentor with the Directed Reading Program.
This year, I'm on the organizing committee for Georgia Tech's High School Math Competition.
In the past, I've worked with the Ross Mathematics Program as a counselor.

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