Molei Tao

nature lover 

associate professor (with tenure)
School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology

Office: Skiles 214A
Address: 686 Cherry St NW, Atlanta GA 30332, USA
Phone: +1-404-894-3711
mtao at gatech dot edu

some other affiliations: ML@GT, DCL@GT

What do I do?

As an applied & computational mathematician, I

  • design algorithms for faster and more accurate computations

  • develop and use mathematical tools to answer scientific questions and analyze/design engineering systems

Main objective: analyze, simulate, and control systems characterized by multiple scales, geometric structures (e.g., symplecticity, Lie group, and spaces of probabilities), and randomness.

Examples of applications include:

  • the interplay between dynamics and machine learning

    • the design and analysis of optimization, sampling, and machine learning algorithms

    • the learning and forecast of dynamics from data

  • the resonant control of mechanical systems, including the engineering problems of energy transfer and harvest

  • extrasolar and Solar planetary dynamics

  • rare events modeling and quantification

Interested in joining the team?

We already have an excellent team, but positions can still be created for exceptional candidates interested in PhD / postdoc training and collaboration at the intersection of machine learning, computational math, dynamics (and control), and stochastic processes. Email if you're unsure about which PhD program to apply to.

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