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Workshop on Combinatorial Methods
for Statistical Physics Models

Organizers: Dana Randall and Prasad Tetali

School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology

April 29, 30 and May 1

The Southeastern Applied Analysis Center (SAAC), the Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization Program (ACO) and the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) are co-sponsoring this workshop as part of the special year in Combinatorics for the 1998-1999 academic year in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.

This workshop will focus on recent developments at the interface between combinatorics, statistical physics and theoretical computer science. Topics include Gibbs measures and phase transitions in various models (such as the Potts model, hardcore lattice gases and dimer systems), percolation theory, and mixing rates of finite Markov chains.

The aim of the workshop is to address some of the fascinating questions in combinatorics and discrete probability theory that have arisen with somewhat independent motivations (from the above topics) and which seem to require techniques from several disciplines for solutions.

There will be introductory lectures intended for a wide audience as well as more focused talks highlighting recent research trends; beginners to the topic with a background in basic combinatorics and probability are encouraged to attend.

We expect many participants to spend a few days at Georgia Tech either before or after the workshop, so more detail-oriented discussions, informal meetings, and special-interest talks should be possible.
This is an open meeting with no registration fees.


  • Rob van den Berg, CWI-Amsterdam and Georgia Tech
  • Stefan Boettcher, Emory University
  • Christian Borgs, Microsoft Research
  • Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft Research
  • Kari Eloranta, Helsinki University of Technology
  • Sorin Istrail, Sandia Labs
  • Jeff Kahn, Rutgers University
  • Claire Kenyon, Universite de Paris, Sud
  • Rick Kenyon, Universite de Paris, Sud
  • Roman Kotecky, Charles University, Prague and Microsoft Research
  • Gregory Sorkin, IBM Watson Research
  • Jeff Steif, Chalmers University and Georgia Tech
  • Umesh Vazirani, U. C. Berkeley
  • Eric Vigoda, U. C. Berkeley
  • David Wilson, Microsoft Research
  • Peter Winkler, Bell Labs - Lucent Technologies

Hotel Information

The rates quoted here are Georgia Tech rates. The actual rates might differ slightly.

* Day's Inn Peachtree, 683 Peachtree St. $55 404-874-9200
Ansley Inn, 253 15th St., N.E. $119 404-872-9000
Regency Suites, 975 West Peachtree $85 404-876-5003
Wyndham Hotel, 125 10th St., N.E. $95 404-873-4800
Marriott Courtyard, 1132 Techwood Dr. $93 404-607-1112
Hampton Inn, 1152 Spring St. NW $62 404-872-3234
* Renaissance Downtown, 590 Peachtree St., NW $99 404-881-6000
* Holiday Inn Express, 244 North Ave., NW $79 404-881-0881
Highland Inn, 644 N. Highland Ave. $39-S ($49-D) 404-874-5756

(* These are the closest to Georgia Tech.)

Local Information:

For more information, please contact Prasad Tetali or Dana Randall.