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Director of Advising and Assessment                     
School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332

Office:  218C Skiles
email: steinbart@math.gatech.edu           
Phone:  404-385-0971 /   FAX:    404-894-4409

Fall Office hours:
Most Thursdays 10-11; no appointment needed at this time. 
There are two ways to make an appointment for another time. 
 (i) Make an appointment online by going to gatech.gradesfirst.com and selecting an available time (prefered)
 (ii) Send and email to steinbar@math.gatech.edu.  List multiple times and days at which you can meet.  Include your name, GTID, and reason for the appointment.  I will reply to your request. Thanks!
For assistance if I am unavailable, contact academics@math.gatech.edu and School of Mathematics Academic Office Skiles 125, phone:  404-894-4420.

Enid Steinbart

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Information about permit and prerequisite overrides can be found here:

Some Mathematics courses are major restricted for the first part of Phase I registration.  The restriction will be lifted about 3 weeks after Phase I Registration begins (varies by term).

TEACHING Fall 2018

MATH 2551RBS - Study Abroad Barcelona September 1-October 20

MATH 4801 Undergraduate Seminar
Mondays 3:00-3:50 Skiles 170 Co-Instructor Galyna Livshyts

GT1000MAT Freshman Seminar Tuesdays 3:00-3:50 Skiles 179 Co-instructor Greg Mayer

NEW: REU, Pura, URSA, Undergraduate Research --  What You Should Know

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School of Mathematics

Club Math

Mathematics Minor - Starting Summer 2017, the minor will require 15 hours (formerly it required 18 hours).  For more information see: Math Minor Summer 2017


The School of Math will stop receiving requests for permits and prereq overrides one day before registration closes.   For all other Registration dates, see the Official GT Calendar.

The School of Math uses the "Waitlists and Reserved Seats" functionality of the Online Registration System.   I do not manage the waitlist.  
Certain MATH courses are major restricted for the first part of Phase I registration, and the restriction will be lifted part way through Phase I registration.

More information is at

New Fall and Summer Freshmen and New Fall, Spring, Summer Transfers:  Testing out of CS 1301 or CS 1331 or  CS 1371 
CS Placement tests are offered first week of Fall Semester.  
Contact Cathy Dunnahue cd@cc.gatech.edu information.

Special Topics and Relatively New Classes

A.   MATH 4803 - LEV Introduction to Knot Theory  (3 hours)
Description:  This course will explore the beautiful mathematics of knots which are pieces of string that are knotted in the colloquial sense and then have their ends glued together. Given two such knots, it is surprisingly interesting and difficult to decide whether or not you can rearrange one knot into the other (no scissors allowed). This course will look at different ways to represent these knots and various techniques for deciding whether one knot can be rearranged into another. We will also explore the applications of knot theory to biology, chemistry, and physics.  This course can be used as an upper level Math Elective for BS MTH (B-List).

B.  MATH 4801 UG Undergraduate Seminar (1 hour)  Fall only
This course provides students with a broad exposure to areas of mathematics research through weekly speakers.   In addition to faculty members, speakers  include postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  All student interested in learning more about math research at GT and various mathematics topics are encouraged to register for the course!  Prerequisite:  MATH 2401 or MATH 24X1 or MATH 2605 or MATH 2551 or MATH 2X51, or permission of instructor.   Interested students who have not complete the prereq should write to academics@math,gatech with subject list MATH4801 permission.   Non-registered guests are welcome to attend.
This course can be used as an upper level Math Elective for BS MTH (B-List).  Pass/Fail only.

C.  MATH 4802 Mathematical Probem Solving (2 hour) Fall only
This course is intended to teach general mathematical problem solving skills, and to prepare students to take the Putnam Examination.
This course can be used as an upper level Math Elective for BS MTH (B-List).   Pass/Fail only.

D.  SLS-Affiliated Courses: Serve, Learn, Sustain is up to 69 affiliated courses now, and the list keeps growing.  Visit the SLS website to see which new courses have been added: http://serve-learn-sustain.gatech.edu/.

A GT student may schedule courses at Georgi State University or any of the other colleges or universities comprising the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE). Classes are paid through the student's home institution and the credit taken at a partnering school is transferred back as resident credit.   Certain restrictions apply.   Classes taken by GT students in the past include in Actuarial Science and Risk Management classes at GSU.  For more information, see:   http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/registration/cross/ 
Application Deadlines (estimated):
    Spring 2019 Semester:  November 15, 2018
    Summer 2019 Semester:  April 15, 2019
    Fall 2019 Semester: May 15, 2019


Dr. Enid Steinbart steinbar@math.gatech.edu and Dr. Neha Gupta ngupta@g.harvard.edu

Frequently asked questions in advising:  See http://www.advising.gatech.edu/faq.html

Appointments can be scheduled via  gatech.gradesfirst.com.
If no times are available, send email to steinbar@math.gatech.edu.  Include name GTID (if GT student), reason for appointment, and multiple available times.


Online Application for Graduation: Deadlines and information:  http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/students/deginfo/oag.php

Online Application for Graduation Spring 2019 is open approximately September 4, 2018 - January 12, 2019.

Online Application for Graduation Summer 2018 is open approximately January 20 - May 20, 2018.

Online Application for Graduation Fall 2018 is open January 22 - August 24, 2018.

Instructions for submitting Online Application for Graduation http://registrar.gatech.edu/students/oag.php .


MATH 2699/4699 Undergraduate Research - Guidelines

MATH 2106 Foundations of Mathematical Proof is replacing MATH 2803/4803 Foundations of Mathematical Proof and MATH 2406 Abstract Vector Spaces.
MATH 2106 will serve as a prerequisite for MATH 4107, MATH 4150, and MATH 4317. 
MATH 2106 can be used toward the Math Minor ( if MATH 2106 is not required by the student's major); MATH 2106 is not required for the Math Minor.
For DMTH students - MATH 4080/4090  Senior Project I/II -  Guidelines

Transfer Credit

Opportunities for majors - programs for women, summer programs, study away from GT, internships, more

Advising  -  Course information, graduate school, more

Readmission - General information for Readmission to Georgia Tech as a Mathematics major
Readmission - Additional forms for students applying for readmission as a mathematics major readmission after first drop/dismissal from Georgia Tech

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Mathematics:  What can I do with this major?

Sample 8-term schedule MTH with incoming credit for MATH 1551

Sample 8-term schedule MTH with incoming credit for MATH 1551 and MATH 1552

Sample schedule MTH with ECON Minor - updated Summer 2017

Sample schedule MTH with ECON Minor and Business Option - updated Summer 2017

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