Math 3770, Probability and Statistics, Fall 2008.

For a copy of the course syllabus, click here

Homework 1 (To be turned in Monday, September 8).

Homework 2 (to be turned in Monday, September 22).

Homework 3 (due Monday, Oct. 6).

Homework 4 (Monday, October 20).

Homework 5 (due Wednesday, November 5).

Homework 6 (due Friday, Nov. 21).

Homework 7 (turn it in with the final exam).

I have decided to make the final exam optional for everyone; HOWEVER, you will not be allowed to keep the 27.5 curve on the second exam. If you wish to avoid taking the final, you must use a curve of 18 points; and, your grade if you skip the final will be computed as follows: Final grade = (2/7)(Exam1 + Exam2 + 18) + (3/7)(Homework grade). So, if you got a 60 on the first exam, and 65 on the second (pre-curve), and a grade of 90 on the HW, the grade you would get if you didn't take the final is (2/7)(60 + 65 + 18) + (3/7)(90) = 79.429, which is a C. Of course, if you DO take the final, then you get to use the curve of 27.5 points.

*** Your final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 10 from 11:30 - 2:20 ***

I came across an interesting article by the CS titan Edsger Dykstra, which you can view here .

Click here for a copy of the final exam.