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School of Mathematics
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geometry of curves and surfaces [NSF grant DMS -1711400]
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Differential Geometry [Spring 2019]
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Mohammad Ghomi is a geometer who works primarily on classical problems involving curves and surfaces in Euclidean space, and is interested in all aspects of mathematics which touch upon these objects, ranging from differential geometry and topology to real algebraic geometry and combinatorics. He completed his PhD thesis in 1998 under the direction of Joel Spruck at Johns Hopkins U., where he had received the J.J. Sylvester Award. Subsequently he held positions at U.C. Santa Cruz, U. South Carolina, and Penn State U., before moving to Georgia Tech in 2005. Professor Ghomi's research has been consistently supported by NSF grants including a CAREER Award. He lives with his family in Midtown Atlanta, and enjoys biking to campus all year round.

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