8803-Information and Entropy (Fall 2015)

MATH 4320
Instructor: Jean Bellissard
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
School of Math, Skiles 132,
Phone: (404) 385-2179 (Math),
Fax: (404) 894-4409
e-mail: jeanbel@math.gatech.edu
Lecture Howey S204 Tuesday- Thursday 1:35-2:55pm
Celebrating 50 years of Teaching!
This course will take the challenge of showing that, starting from an
"Information Theory" point of view, all fundamental aspects of
sciences, including human sciences, can be reconstructed.
This should trigger discussions and controversies and the students
are invited to feed such a debate.
Office Hours
by appointment
Skiles 132

Calendar of the Week
Final Report due on December 4th

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December 1-3, 2015
Lecture: Quantum Information
                     and Gravitation

Course Description

Morceaux Choisis     (more details)
I)- INFORMATION THEORY     (to "Information" details)
II)- THERMODYNAMICS: a reminder     (to "Thermodynamics" details)
III)- An example: BULK METALLIC GLASSES.     (to "Bulk Metallic Glasses" details)
IV)- PRODUCING INFORMATION     (to "Producing Information" details)
V)- COMPUTERS, ALGORITHMS, COMPLEXITY     (to "Computers, ..." details)
VI)-INFORMATION IN HUMAN SCIENCES     (to "Human Sciences" details)
VII)- FROM QUANTUM INFORMATION TO GRAVITY     (to "Quantum Information..." details)

Power Point

Information and Entropy,   August 18th, 2015

Producing Information,      October 15th, 2015

Molecular Motors,             October 20th, 2015

Brain,                                 November 10th, 2015


Textbooks to help
     Elements of Information Theory, Second Edition
        Thomas M. Cover & Joy A. Thomas, Wiley, 2006

     Feynman Lectures on Computation
       Richard P. Feynman, Anthony Hey,Westview Press, 1996 2014

     Nonequilibrium and Irreversibility
       Giovanni Gallavotti, Springer 2014

     The Relativistic Brain
       Miguel Nicolelis, Ronald Cicurel, Kiosk Press, 2015

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Each registered student will be required to produce a report on a subject of his/her choice. The final exam will be reduced to this report. Depending upon the number of students, this report may be presented during the final exam day.
Submission:        Thursday September 24, 2015
Progress Report: Thursday October 29, 2015
Final Report:      Friday December 4, 2015
( to Report Instructions)

Final Exam

Tuesday December 8, 2015   2:50pm-5:40pm,    Howey S204    ( to calendar)
An absence to the final exam will be graded 0 (zero). However if the absence is justified (disease, injury, ...), the student must (i) warn the instructor as soon as possible, in any case before the end of the exam week, (ii) bring the documents justifying the absence to the Instructor.
Then the student will receive an I (incomplete) and will be responsible to take action during the following semester to complete his/her curriculum.


90% for an A
Report 100% Grade distribution 80% for a   B
70% for a   C
60% for a   D

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