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Book Calculus, by Stanley I Grossman (Fifth edition)

All tests a quizes will be open book and notes.

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Updated 4 Nov 8:17 am Problems for test:

Week of October 27-31

No test or quiz tomorrow: Oct 30

MapleV Projects We will started last Tuesday with Tutorial , the group projects will be Reflections on Differentiation .

So on Thursday the Tutorial project is due.

What to hand in and do:

Aside-- Why I prefer Mathematica..

To be quite frank, I despise MapLev. (or is it MapleV?). It has inconsistent syntax, no proper naming conventions, inconsistent semantics, and in general is a poorly designed language. Mathematica, on the other hand is completely consistent. Every part of it uses the same naming conventions, the syntax is consistent across the whole language, and as a result, once you know a little Mathematica, you know the whole language . All you have to know is the names of the new functions, and since there are no abbreviations, it is trivial to guess.

OTOH, in Maple, once you have learned a part of the language, you know much less. Every new function that you learn has a different unguessable abbreviation.

Plus at conferences, the Maple people don't smile a lot. And Jerry Uhl has better parties. :-)

If you know of any real advantages to Maple, other than the fact that it is included in the student software package, please let me know EMAIL me at I am serious about this, and am willing to listen.

The week before that...

One Hour Test This Thursday: 1/2 old, 1/2 new.

It is a good bet, that if you have problems with some part of Quiz #1 and Quiz #2, then there will be a similar part on the Test. So -- Know in detail the material behind all the problems from the first two quizes.


Week of Oct 6-10

So.. what do you have to know for the quiz?

Suggested Problems: (In addition to last week's on limits) The "*23" means that it is a probably a difficult problem.

If there are any questions the simpliest way to get a hold of me is:

Stuff Previous to last week....


Problems Due Thursday for Section at Georgia Tech

Course Outline

There is a quiz this Thursday. This quiz will cover up through Tues. The following suggested problems should be of help in studying for this quiz.

Suggested problems from Chapter 0.

Suggested Problems from Chapter 1

General comments: I realize that some of you all have have calculus before. This is a good, right and proper thing, and my sister Mary would approve. There will be considerable overlap between AP calculus and this course. But the pupose of this course is not the same as AP calculus:

The purpose of this course is to develop and use calculus
in order to get insight into Mathematics, Science and Engineering

The mechanics of calculation, by hand, calculator, or computer are still important, but not in and of themselves. They are tools.

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Yell them out!

If something confuses you, raise you hand and shout out to the world that the person sitting next to you doesn't understand! :-)

If you have not had Calculus before, that is also OK. Rest assured that this course does not presume any knowledge from AB or BC calculus.

Welcome to Mathematics 1507
First Quarter Calculus

Tom Morley

Office Skiles 263. Available MWF 9-10 am and other times. Drop by. Old Tests (In Mathematica 3.0 Format)

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