Workshop in Convexity and High-Dimensional Probability

May 23-27, 2022

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WORKSHOP IS NOW POSTPONED TILL MAY 2022. This workshop will feature five three-hour lecture courses. Several hours a day are allocated for research discussions in groups, on the topics related to the lecture courses. The participants propose problems for discussion before and during the conference. Previous edition of this workshop was held in December 2019.

Researchers at early stages in their career, such as graduate students, postdocs, and tenure track professors, are particularly encouraged to participate.

Partial reimbursement is available. Precise reimbursement possibilities will be posted at a later date. Limited time slots will be allocated for short talks by junior participants. There will also be a poster session during the reception on Monday.

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Tentative Schedule

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